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Design a Stunning Wristband in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to design, The HoopLab has everything you need to create beautiful products that will grab the attention of your event/conference attendees as well as office staff, with security features if needed. Check out our article below for the 3 easy step to design a stunning wristband.

1. Type

What kind of wristband would you like for your event? This is the first step in designing a wristband due to the size, shape and measurements of each unique wristband.

2. Colour

Once you've decided on the type of wristband you'd like to feature in your event, the next step is choosing its colour. We have plain colours and stock designs available for some of the products, however you could also opt for a fancy custom look. To learn more about what colours and features are available for each wristband, visit our recent guide on how to choose the best wristbands for your events!

3. Print & Customisation

You have your type of wristband, and have your colours sorted, so what next? The last step in designing a wristband depends on any additional features you would like to customise your new wristbands with. These additional features include: Holographic Stickers, Security Foiling, Secondary Serialisation, Barcodes, UV print, Different Locks, and more all depending on what Type and Colour you have chosen!

Let us know if you would like any assistance with the design of your new wristband - our HoopSquad is there to tackle any problems you may have!


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