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GUIDE: How To Choose The Best Wristbands For Your Events

So many options, so little time! Read our article below for a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best wristbands for your events in Malta and globally.

Choose from our plain colours, stunning stock designs or ask us for a custom design!

When it comes to deciding on what kind of custom products you'd like, we have an option of stock designs, with certain products, that are pre-made and can have an added black print with your company logo or any other text that you'd like.

The first step is to decide on the product, secondly what kind of material you would like to use. As an example, we will be discussing wristbands!

1. What kind of wristband do I need for my event?

When it comes to wristbands, it's important to note what kind of event you will be using the wristbands for. If you have a one-day event, a Tyvek (paper) wristband would be an obvious choice due to its low cost and high quantity order. However, if you have a 3-day event, then we would recommend Vinyl (plastic) or Silicone (rubber) wristbands due to their durability for a longer period of time.

For events that are environmentally-friendly, such as music festivals held in nature or related to meditation and spirituality, such as yoga retreats, we would highly recommend our Fabric wristbands, which can either be made by woven fabric, or else a smooth satin finish.

2. What kind of colours are available for each type of wristband?

Tyvek, Vinyl and Silicone wristbands are available in a plain colours (we will send you our colour chart for each one; some also include pantone matching - contact us for more information about this specifically!) If you only require plain wristbands - that's your order right there.

Each of these wristbands are then able to be printed with one-colour or a black print to add your logo or text. This is one of our most common orders and definitely does the trick by promoting your event, whilst adding security for entry!

An alternative option could be that you would like your logo or wording to be printed on a design rather than a plain colour. We have a variety of stock designs available for our Tyvek, Vinyl and Fabric wristbands, which we can send over to you so that you can choose your favourite.

The high-end option for wristbands at The HoopLab is to have custom designs especially for you. You may have had your graphic designer already design a gorgeous design for you so all we would require is for you to send over your design, and we will place it into a visual, and send it over for approval. We are also able to design a custom print specifically for you. Get in contact and let us know what you're after - we will always send visuals for custom prints before any order is confirmed from your side.

3. What additional features do you offer?

When it comes to Silicone wristbands, we do not have stock designs available as the above wristbands, however we offer the option of having the wristbands printed, embossed or debossed with your logo and/or text, as well as, additional features that include: UV Print - glows under UV light, Static QR code, Individually-wrapped, Packed with backing card.

Tyvek wristbands are able to have additional features that consist of: Holographic Stickers, Security Foiling, Secondary Serialisation and Barcodes (barcodes only available for Chroma version).

Vinyl wristbands are able to include: Holographic Sticker, Metallic and neon print colours, Secondary Serialisation, Barcodes (barcodes only available for Chroma version), as well as 4 different L-shapes to choose from!

When it comes to Fabric wristbands, a woven or printed serialisation is available, barcodes, Pantone-matched lock, Glow-in-the-dark thread and a Kimble Tag. We also have a big selection of locks for fabric wristbands that you can choose from to your liking.

Apart from the options mentioned above, we also offer RFID Technology for added security - get in touch for more information about this!

All additional features may incur additional costs and production times.

4. How can I make an order?

Simply contact us by phone, email or through out contact form on our website, and send in your order! We will get back to you as soon as possible with a confirmation of receipt.

That's it!

If you are still unsure of the best wristbands for your events - get in touch and we can discuss all your options directly. Our HoopSquad will assist you with any questions you may have.


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